Loek Hartog is not your average 16 year old.

His name is Loek Hartog. For as long as he can remember he is a racing driver that started racing when he just turned 4 years old.

“I’m addicted to speed and seeking for every limit. On and off track.”

With only being a 16 year old from The Netherlands, busy following his dreams he has already come quite far. Throughout the years he came close to several national titles in karting, competed at international level and became in champion in his maiden year of cup-racing in the Ford Fiesta Sprint Cup aged 15. At the ending stages of the 2018 season Loek received a phone call to participate in the prestigious Dubai 24H in a highly competitive car. As youngest participant he dominated the final hours of the race together with equip Bas Koeten Racing after some issues in the first hours of the race. This led to a 2nd place finish at the end of the race.

About Loek Hartog

“This year has been super special for me and enjoyed every second of it.”


Marching forward with no looking back.

After winning his championship a lot of eyes are focused on Loek. After this accomplishment, his vision on stepping up quickly through the racing ladder is super realistic and will increase the chance of becoming a professional hugely. Loek has decided to drive the Porsche Benelux GT3 Cup Challenge in 2019.

“The choice was clear. Mainly because of the realistic chance for me to succeed in my dream to become a paid professional driver. The Porsche Carrera Cup is a proven formula for ambitious young drivers like me.”

After undergoing a shootout, Loek got selected as Porsche Junior Recruit. This title is the first step of the Porsche Werksfahrer-Program.

“2019 is full of exciting challenges. I need them and I can’t wait to overcome them.”