I would like to give you an update on the consequences and impact of the Coronavirus on my sports career and the state of affairs in motorsport.

A few weeks ago I received the positive news from Stuttgart that I received the Wild-card entries for the Porsche Supercup weekends during the “Heineken Formula One Dutch Grand Prix” and “Johnny Walker Belgian Grand Prix” to attend these events to compete with the absolute world top.

In addition to this super news, we unfortunately also have to make room for a lot of patience.

The first round of the Porsche Carrera Cup Benelux season has been officially postponed. The organization is currently looking for an adjusted calendar for the 2020 season, but unfortunately cannot release further information.

Le Mans has also been moved to the third week of September.

As a result, I can unfortunately not provide more clarity and certainty for the upcoming season.

I want at least my partners, Mission racing for One and All members,
For the rest, unfortunately, I cannot provide more clarity and certainty. I would like to thank my partners, Mission Racing for One and All members, friends and family for continuing to support them.

In order not to sit still in this time of Corona, I started working in the e-sports world. I would like to tell you more about this in my future newsletters!

I wish everyone their family, friends and relations a very strong and healthy time!

– Loek